Empowered After Divorce Challenge
Take Months If Not Years Off Of Your Grief.  Create A Success Roadmap For Your Soul To Heal.
Empowered After Divorce Challenge
Take Months If Not Years Off Of Your Grief. Create A Success Roadmap For Your Soul To Heal.

Launch Into Action To Heal Your Heart And Begin Living In Freedom!

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* First Come, First Served *


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Live Challenge Starts February 9th!

 * Time Sensitive: Our 3-Day LIVE and Highly-Informative Challenge Will Clarify Your Vision Moving Forward, Create A Success Plan To Heal Your Soul, & Launch Into Fast Action. We Start February 9th!

The Empowered After Divorce
3 Day Challenge is For You If . . .

  • You were blindsided by a divorce or left an abusive relationship.
  • ​You’ve been bitter, confused or depressed because of a break up.
  • ​You find yourself struggling, sad or crying throughout the day.
  • ​You continue to repeat the same relationship mistakes over again.
  • ​You have been closed off to dating for fear or trust issues.
  • ​You are considering dating and want to build confidence.
  • ​You are ready to leave the past behind you and get excited about an amazing future.
  • ​You are ready to become the best version of yourself.
  • ​You are on the edge of your seat for great things to happen in your life.
  • ​You have waited long enough and it’s time to be free and empowered.

Who is The  Empowered After 
Divorce Challenge NOT for . . .

  • You like wallowing in being a victim.
  • You enjoy telling your old story over and over again .
  • You want to miss out on all life has to offer you.
  • ​You want to let fear rule your life and show those around you how to live in fear.
  • ​You want to play small and keep poverty thinking.
  • You think your problems are too big and you have messed up too much.
  • ​You have tried before and nothing worked.
  • ​You can never trust men.
  • ​You are destined to be alone.
  • ​You have not suffered enough yet.
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Get Empowered After Divorce & Start 2021 Living An Intentionally Fabulous Life!  
Registration is EXTREMELY limited on our live virtual training. 
So Don't Miss Out, JOIN NOW!

Hello beautiful sister,
I know you didn’t want this to be your story, but right now, the break up of your relationship has become your reality. Separation and divorce creates confusion, suffering, grief and it’s time to do something about it. 

It’s time to Become Empowered After Your Divorce ...Together!
I believe something great can come of this stressful and heavy time in your life. You have within you the ability to heal and be well and with the right support and practical tools, true transformation can happen and hope can be restored.

I have a vision to help 10,000 women overcome the pain of divorce and step into their true purpose so that they can live abundant free lives as difference makers who impact their world.

The mission of our upcoming Empowered After Divorce Challenge is to...

...Prioritize what’s truly important as you relaunch your life...

...And to help you go from breakup to breakthrough.
With the information on what to focus on post-divorce, the tools to do the deep inner work and the inspiration on how to peacefully move forward with hope, you can begin to leave the past behind and start creating an exciting future. 
From there, we'll continue to stay connected in the Facebook Group to support, encourage and follow through on your transformation from heartbreak to healed..
Imagine the Feeling of “FREEDOM” and the momentum getting unstuck will give you…

THAT is What we Call Intentionally Fabulous 

Being “stuck” is due to getting hung up in grief. When you are sitting in depression, loneliness, anger, bitterness, shock and sadness, it’s hard to get into action, isn’t it?

Want some proof?

Divorce takes its toll on your mental and physical health and is also a catalyst to catastrophic financial troubles as women are almost always the custodial parent and more than half don’t receive child support.

In the past 34 years, I’ve coached over 25,000 women from all walks of life who wanted better health, spirit, mind and body. Now I’m focused specifically on supporting divorced women.

There Are a Lot of “Gurus” Online…

But only a few have the heart, training qualifications, and success stories that I’ve accumulated over the years. I specifically and strategically took a two year sabbatical to get certified, research healing from divorce and work with the leading experts to put together the best resources for you. ... And I’m here to STAY!

It’s always key to be with leaders who have their hearts in the right place.

So now it’s your turn to create an Intentionally Fabulous success story. The big question is… 

Are You Up For The Challenge?

This will not be easy, and it’s not for everyone.

It’s normal to be nervous about joining! But ask yourself, how much longer do you want to stay stuck and suffering?

This is for women in any stages of separation, divorce, and post divorce, even those many years after divorce who have not yet healed.

This is for you if you have a burning desire to leave the past behind, get the practical steps to transform and want to enjoy a future filled with success, more freedom, and a great lifestyle.

NOW is the time to lock arms with me and my very special guests ... and step into all that you were created to be . . . by joining a thriving community of...

Women just like you on a mission to get well, build a new life and be difference makers.

Imagine having internal peace and creating a thriving successful life that you love, as a single person.

As our way of giving back... we are offering our Empowered after Divorce Challenge coaching program 100% for free.

You Don’t Have to do it Alone Anymore…

Let’s crush the Empowered After Divorce Challenge and live Intentionally Fabulous lives together!

Be Intentionally Fabulous,

Kelli Calabrese
Certified Divorce Coach

Kelli Has Learned From And Trained With World Class Leaders & Influencers!
Kelli Has Learned From And Trained With World Class Leaders & Influencers!
Our 3-day live virtual coaching will help ensure that you...
Become Empowered 
After Your Divorce
Top 3 Things To Discover:
  • Arise From Struggling To Empowered by finally going from broken to healed.
  • ​Learn A Success Framework to prioritize your single life and set yourself up for true transformation and success.
  • Find Your Passion and Draw Out A Brand New You to easily overcome obstacles & develop new relationships.
* First Come, First Served *

What Makes The Challenge So Impactful?
  • The Challenge: To release the past with a practical plan to move forward, to truly transform with soul searching work and to find your passion getting on an amazing road to self discovery.
  • Interactive Experience: Show up and do the work during the 3-day live coaching so that you're Empowered After Divorce!
  • ​Leave The Past Behind, Transform and Get Excited About the future in 2021: Learn how to successfully recreate your life which ultimately can influence your income, influence, and impact.
  • Hands On Coaching: Kelli Calabrese, and our 3 very special expert guests set you up for success.
  • Get Empowered After Divorce: Ignite your inner power to be more confident and live more passionate and free years.​
  • Learn From The Convenience Of Home
  • ​​Hear From World-Class Experts
  • ​Engage With A Supportive Community
  • Learn From The Convenience Of Home
  • Hear From World-Class Experts
  • Engage With A Supportive Community
Empowered After Divorce Challenge helps...
Break Through What’s Holding You Back From Healing And Living An Intentionally Fabulous Life!
Get Ready to Stop the Suffering and Sadness and Get Empowered:
  • Community + Accountability: You’ll be a part of our “Empowered After Divorce ” Intentionally Fabulous Movement on Facebook
* First Come, First Served *
Empowered After Divorce Challenge Helps...
Breakthrough What’s Holding You Back From Healing And Living An Intentionally Fabulous Life
Get Ready to Stop the Suffering and Sadness Get Empowered:
  • Community + Accountability: You’ll be a part of our “Empowered After Divorce ” Intentionally Fabulous Movement on Facebook
* First Come, First Served *
Our Empowered After Divorce 3 Day Challenge will help you:
Our Empowered After Divorce 3 Day Challenge will help you:
Expose limiting beliefs, fear, grief and bitterness that have been hiding in your blind spots.
We’ll teach how to reframe & break through limiting beliefs to unleash our greatest human potential with us.

Decide today to join this high level 3 Day Empowered After Divorce Challenge as we shatter old beliefs, and breakthrough to the other side ... the sweeter side of life where ANYTHING is possible and ANY Dream & goal is attainable, even after divorce.
Meet Your Coaches
Meet Your Coaches
Certified Divorce Coach, Health & Lifestyle Coach
A Health and Leadership Coach, International Speaker, & 3 Time Amazon Best-Selling Author.

As CEO of Intentionally Fabulous, Kelli’s mission is to help women stop suffering post divorce, get free from the past and help them renew their minds, forgive, discover their purpose and relentlessly pursue what sets their souls on fire, as they live a life they can celebrate and enjoy. She is certified by the American Association of Chrisitan Counselors as a Divorce Coach and brings 34 years of hands on coaching to the program.

Kelli has owned and operated health clubs, managed corporate fitness centers, founded a school, appeared on all of the major networks as a wellness and lifestyle coach, been a leading expert for top health websites, created wellness programs that sold world wide, has been an executive with a leading wellness company for over 11 years, has spoken internationally for people like Sir Richard Branson and is the co-host of the Fit Over 50 Life Podcast.

She is a single mom to two collegiate athletes and is committed to helping moms become empowered so their children do not become statistics of divorce.
Intentionally Fabulous Founder
CARLA SHELLIS – Guest Expert Day #1
Emotional Wellness and Empowerment Coach
Carla lives with a passion to see the female-side of humanity living her life in the fullest measure of freedom. ​She wants to see women break away from the grip of unworthiness, insecurity, fear, and rejection so that she can live her life in the fullest expression of her feminine design. A world where “she” knows and walks in the power and beauty within the fiber of her makeup. From that knowing she will not only find what she was created to be and do in this life, but she will become a desirable, beautiful woman that overflows with a confidence that is uncontainable.

Her mission is to reveal the hidden truth of who we are and break the core of lies we have lived under for centuries. She knows this generation will see an awakening amongst women that will rebuild communities, homes & families. She will see the broken of the broken who are exploited and trapped in abuse take back their identity and purpose and begin to rebuild their lives so that the community around them will also be transformed.

Carla is mom to two adult children and has had a 30+ year marriage that has survived and thrived many challenging seasons.
Arise Academy Founder
MARTIN FOX – Guest Expert Day #2
Award-Winning Transformation Psychologist
A Cornell and Columbia trained psychologist, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur, Martin has spent 30 years finding, guiding, gathering, and connecting lightkeepers, healers, and change makers in 76 countries. Helping them build bridges, improve lives, and create a sustainable future.
In 2017, Martin’s divorce and his daughter’s serious health issues brought Martin to his knees in the lowest point of his life. For the first time, he understood why people commit suicide. So, he closed his companies and focused on healing his young daughter and his soul.
Today, he loves sharing the strategies, tips, and tools he used to move from crushed and barely surviving to living in superhealth and superflow, deeply connected with his soul.
Global Transformational Change Leader
TINA JESSO –  Guest Expert Day #3
Success & Dating Coach
Tina helps women leave the past behind and get on the road to self discovery, self love and build sexy confidence again. Tina helps women bring out their inner beauty. She has 32 years experience working in financial services and has been a top achieving sales, success and dating coach. 

Her background gives her the unique ability to share world class expertise in the area newly divorced women need and also knows from first hand experience navigating her own transition from married to divorced to flourishing single and now enjoying dating.

She helps women create their personal brand, is a Jack Canfield Success Trainer and a certified Passion Test Facilitator. She is the former co-founder of a dating site and understands what it takes to effectively help women achieve their goals in love and life.

Tina is also a single mom to an adult son and a real estate investor.
Co-Founder Love In Sync
Amazing Influencers Kelli Has Worked With: 
Amazing Influencers Kelli Has Worked With: 
Montel Williams
Living Well With Montel
Nick Vujicic
International Motivational Speaker, Author, Evangelist
Darren Hardy
Editor Success Magazine & Best-Selling Author
Kyle Wilson
Founder, Jim Rohn International
Les Brown
Best-Selling Author & Personal Development Legend
Brian Tracy
International Personal Development Trainer and Speaker 
T. Harv Ecker
Business, Life, & Mindset Trainer
James Malinchak
Big Money Speaker & Business Coach
"Empowered After Divorce Challenge!"
3 Day Virtual Coaching Experience 
NOW 100% FREE!!
Kelli and her 3 expert guests will empower you to transform during three life enhancing 60 minute coaching sessions. 
This enables women to get on the fast-track to leaving the pain and disappointment of the past behind, becoming emotionally well, dramatically improving circumstances and increasing happiness.

Our mission is getting you results, so we do it live… together. We want you to COMMIT to showing up live for all 3 nights to engage, get empowered and rise above the struggle to discover peace and joy.

All of the experts are committed to creating success stories and stopping the frustration, hopelessness and despair. We help you figure it out so you can find your passion again.
By the end of the challenge participants will have clarified where they have gotten stuck and the steps to heal, reopen their heart to trust again and get excited about a limitless abundant future..
Here's What  You're Getting Joining the Empowered After Divorce 3 Day Challenge ...
  • 3 LIVE VIRTUAL COACHING SESSIONS WITH Kelli & Her 3 Expert Guests ($1,997 value): Learn what they share with their top clients to help them overcome and transform.
  • FAST ACTION SHEETS ($250.00 value): Never feel overwhelmed with your challenge activities in one place. These exercises ensure that you’re on the path to healing, wholeness and happiness.
  •  ACCESS TO ALL RECORDINGS ($250.00 value):  This way you can get access to the training each day no matter what time zone you're in.
  •  LIFETIME ACCESS TO INTENTIONALLY FABULOUS FAMILY COMMUNITY  (Priceless): This is a 3-day challenge, but a lifelong family. Discover new friends and relationships. Be part of our Intentionally Fabulous Family. Surrounding ourselves with a supportive community of like-minded women is priceless and provides the accountability to ensure success.
These professional coaches would charge a combined for the 3 hours of time $1,997.00 (and worth every penny). But, because you're on this page today and ready to take action and they have HUGE hearts to help people be well, your special price is NOW FREE!
* First Come, First Served *
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Have Said About Their Challenge Experience
“Kelli has spirit, mind body approach to healing. I went from surviving to thriving!"

- Kim Davis Ellisor
“Kelli's programs help women overcome the devestation of divorce!”

- Linda Gaal Downey
“I was stuck years after my divorce and Kelli helped me to get free and enjoy my life!”

- Nicole Marcantonio
Nathan and Kristi,

I wish to thank you for sharing the gift of your knowledge, it's already made a magnificent difference in my life in 2019 from where I have been for the last two years of hell.  What I learned from you has released me from challenges that have been far too overwhelming.  I truly and wholeheartedly wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have given to me in 2019. God bless you both and all that you do!  
- Keith L.
Atlanta GA
Ready To Start 2021 EMPOWERED?
Let's Thrive Together!
* First Come, First Served *
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Ready To Start  2021 EMPOWERED!
Let's Thrive Together!
* First Come, First Served *
Intentionally Fabulous - All Rights Reserved
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